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Upsala Kayak Experience Price: 335 USD

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Upsala Kayak Experience
Grade of difficulty:ModerateGrade of difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 12 h.

Valid from November to April
Only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

• Quantity to confirm departure: Minimum 2
• Maximum capacity per day: 15 passengers
• Duration: whole day
• Kayak tour: 2 hours of rowing
• Minimum age required: 18 years old.
• No previous Kayak experience needed.
• Double stable kayaks with tiller.
• Equipment included : kayaks, paddles, waterproof dry suit, boots, life jackets, waterproof bags
• Included: Images of the activity.
• Fitness level: medium.

is an immersion in the heart of the Upsala Glacier Zone. It includes navigation in the Argentino Lake and double Kayak journey in the Upsala channel, a unique activity in the area, with more than 8 beaches to disembark.
Our staff, specialized in this activity guides have the aim to create an unbelievable experience for our visitors. Before touching land, they take care that every passenger has the necessary equipment (dry thermal suits, lifejackets) and explain how to row and safety measures. Some warming up and our visitors will be ready to start the Kayak experience in the beach that our staff considers the best taking the climate into consideration.
The adventure starts in the Upsala channel with the possibility to see different size icebergs, very near and almost touch them. An experience which shows the insignificance of man facing Nature.
After rowing for about two Hours we go back to the ship. Lunchbox and return to El Calafate.

Unique activity in the world of kayaking between ice bergs in Argentine lake in Los Glaciares National Park.

The Upsala Glacier is one of the most important in the National Park and the second largest in Argentina. With a surface of approximately 850 km2 and the high of its front of 60meters over the level of the lake. Its main front was previously visited by sailing the Upsala channel and had been unseen for several years because of huge lumps of icebergs impeding it. This glacier is famous worldwide due to the amount of icebergs that break away and float as large ice rafts in the Argentine Lake gathering together side by side.

The Upsala Kayak Experience program is done totally in the Upsala cannel of the Argentine lake and allows sailing in double touring kayaks with the possibility to view giant icebergs, always following safety protocols. With professional guides and small groups of passengers, a two hour guided excursion, with slow paddling and adapted to the levels of each group and weather conditions. You will also be able to see flora and fauna of the area (condors, eagles, wild cows, and lenga and ñire trees) as well as passing closely to many cliffs and mountains.

Upsala Kayak Experience has been prepared and supported by European leaders in kayak and rafting, Rocroi. Additional information can be found in

Minimum age: 18 years old


Valid from November to April - Only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.



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