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CROSS-COUNTRY SKI Price: 735 $ | 51,41 USD


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Grade of difficulty:DemandingGrade of difficulty: Demanding
Duration: 2h

Journey at the immensity of Patagonia

Calafate Mountain Park has extensive areas of slopes and diverse circuits, ideal for crosscountry ski. Special skis are necessary for this skiing modality as well as a basic level of alpine skiing. Instructors or local guides always escort our passengers during the tours.

For the 2015 winter season, our rental alternatives include 10 pairs of skis with Hike & Ride switch system, which allows switching from the excursion mode to the riding mode without taking off the skis, just by pushing the bindings with the poles; each pair of skis has its boots.

Aiming at a safer and more complete tour or lesson, we offer safety equipment (ARVA, shovel & probe) to passengers, to ensure a better service.

Calafate Mountain Park