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Passes ChairLift and drag lift network Price: 504 $ | 35,25 USD

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Passes ChairLift and drag lift network
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To reach the base of the mountain (lower station), we offer a regular transfer service with fixed schedule, which can be hired in our offices of Viva Patagonia located downtown. Passengers can also drive their own vehicles to get there.

Mount Huyliche is only 20 minutes away from downtown. It can be accessed by means of El Balcón chairlift (350 m of vertical drop). From El Calafate Balcony (upper station), located at 980 m above sea level, we can observe one of the best views of Argentino Lake and its surroundings

  • Chairlift del  Balcón Capacity 300 p/h.
  • Rope Lift Los Zorro Capacity 1440 p/h. 
  • Magic Carpet El cóndor Capacity 600 p/h. 
  • Teleski El Puma: Capacity 890 p/h. 


Calafate Mountain Park